About Business Training

About Business Training

As with most popular sayings, there is some truth in the proverb

“Great leaders are born, not made.”

To some extent, the capacity for great leadership is inborn. However, with Selica International Ltd, learning how to be a more effective leader is within everyone’s grasp – whether you lead multiple teams, an entire company or just one staff member. You can build your skills from self-assessment to knowing your organisation and perceiving your team and co-workers. 

We will endeavour to help you become an effective leader and help your business to enjoy continuous growth. 
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At Selica International for Innovation and Evolution Ltd, we understand the importance of personal development to enable continued business growth and improvement.

We never use standard training manuals or packages for our training courses as every business has different, individual needs. 

All of our cost-effective training packages are bespoke and tailored to your exact requirements, prepared for you by your dedicated trainer following a no-obligation initial assessment session to guarantee we fully understand what you and your business need to develop and grow. 

We Are Up-to-date

We use only up-to-date, relevant material within our training courses and ensure our courses are highly engaging, interactive and, above all, enjoyable. We use case studies that are relevant to your specific requirements and enable participants to build confidence and inspiration in themselves.

We work only with the very best trainers, many of which are running successful businesses themselves, and all of whom are experts in their fields. Each trainer has vast experience in one-on-one or group training for small to large companies and can adapt throughout the training course to accommodate for changing needs. Our trainers are happy to deliver the training course at your premises or at one of our dedicated training centres. 

“Training is not a Luxury. It is an Investment.”

We also understand that finances are very important, which is why we keep our training packages as cost-effective as possible, whilst still maintaining the highest standard of quality and delivery. We can also assist with applications for Government match-funding schemes, so please contact us for more information.

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