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We will be the catalyst that will help you prosper.

Selica International Ltd Consulting’s service offering is focused on the following key areas:

Strategy and Transformation

Consulting services regarding e.g. the establishment of strategies, the development of organisation structures and processes, and the analysis, design and delivery of transformation projects. 

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Marketing, Sales and Services

Consulting services regarding e.g. sales, marketing, customer service, product management and channel management. 

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Finance Transformation

Consulting services regarding e.g. financial strategies, business performance management, finance process and shared services and business performance outsourcing (BPO). 

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Supply Chain Management

Consulting services regarding the development of supply chain strategies, demand and supply planning, strategic sourcing and e-procurement, manufacturing and operations, and transportation and distribution. 

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Human Resources Consulting

Consulting services regarding e.g. the development and implementation of HR systems, both from the technical perspective as well as from the perspective of mapping and developing HR processes. 

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Technology Transformation

Consulting services regarding e.g. IT strategies, technology strategies, concurrent transformation and IT performance. 

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Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE)

A concept of individually tailored workshops, in which customers can progress diverse aspects of their business by engaging a large number of key individuals in the process. 

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Selica International for Innovation and Evolution Ltd, we offer a tailored project’s design and management in form of consultancy service alongside our proven training courses. 

Our expert consultants can design and deliver workshops in order to improve key business areas such as communication, team building and organisational development to enable you to get more from your venture. 

You do not have to be a large organisation to benefit from our consultancy services. We can help you initiate a project to success where you identify diversity or restructure your existing business to achieve maximum benefit and continued growth. 

Business Consultancy is most effective when you and your business are in need of immediate assistance due to a critical project situation and Selica International for Evolution and Innovation Ltd can accurately and promptly understand your needs, carefully analysing the current position of your business and where you want your business to be in the future. We work with you to determine your aims and objectives and we will be the catalyst that will help you prosper.
A free telephone consultation is available for new clients to discuss business aspirations. 

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