Trainers' Terms & Conditions

Trainers Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions bind Selica International Ltd with a trainer.

Course Outline
A document containing information about a course, stating its audience, goals and subject matter ,which are covered during the course.
The Trainer is an individual person providing a course.
Selica International Ltd 
Selica International Ltd Limited of 9 Ash Ride, Enfield, EN2 9BX. May be represented by a Selica International Ltd franchisee.
The Client is a person or an organisation to whom the course is provided.

This agreement is made between Selica International Ltd and the Trainer.
No change to this agreement or terms shall be binding unless agreed in writing by Selica International Ltd.

Trainer's Fees
The Trainer's pay is usually expressed as a daily rate for a specific course. In most cases the daily rate is negotiated with the Trainer for each course individually.

Fees are paid 30 days after the last day of the course and upon receipt of an invoice from the Trainer.

Training Course Materials
The training course materials can be provided by:
  • Selica International Ltd, from Selica International Ltd training materials repository
  • Third Party, usually during exam preparation or vendor authorised training
  • The Trainer
In the case of the Trainer providing us with the training course materials, the Trainer can charge us separately or can include the charge in the trainer's daily rate.
The training course materials must be either branded as Selica International Ltd or must not be branded as any other training providers and the Trainer agrees to give Selica International Ltd permission to upload the delivered course to the company website for publishing purposes to

Quality Control
New Trainers
In most cases, during the first training course, the Trainer will be assisted by our trainer or quality controller.

Trainer's Responsibility and Accountability
After a training course has been delivered, we ask our clients to complete a 'Training Feedback Report' (TFR), so we know whether a client is satisfied or not.
If the average of results in the trainer section of the TFR is below 4.0, we will investigate the cause of client's dissatisfaction.
If the cause of client's dissatisfaction is related to poor quality of the trainer's preparation or lack of knowledge, we can renegotiate the Trainers remuneration down to 30% of the previously agreed amount.
Selica International Ltd will try to rectify the damage to the Selica International Ltd brand by offering the client the course with another trainer.

Training Course Materials and Software
Training course materials and software can be provided by Selica International Ltd, a Third Party, or by the Trainer.

Selica International Ltd Training Materials and Software 
In the case of Selica International Ltd providing the training course material, the Trainer cannot use the training course material for other purposes.
The trainer can modify the Selica International Ltd training course materials, but all modifications made to the training course materials must be returned to Selica International Ltd by email prior to delivering the course for approval. 

Trainer Training Material and Software 
If the Trainer provides their own training material and software, the Trainer takes full responsibility for compliance with appropriate copyrights and licenses.

Submitting New Course Outlines
The Trainer can create course outlines using website or by sending the outlines to Selica International Ltd via email.
In cases where Selica International Ltd is involved in publishing the outlines on the website, Selica International Ltd will clearly assign the Trainer as the author of the outline.
We reserve the right to un-publish training course outlines or remove them completely.

Copyrights to a Course Outline
By submitting a course outline, the Trainer agrees to lease said course outline to Selica International Ltd , free of charge, but the Trainer will keep all rights to it, including copyright and moral rights.

Other Trainers, Selica International Ltd Moderators
If Selica International Ltd or one of the other Trainers make any amendments and the author does not object to them, Selica International Ltd or a Trainer will own the copyrights to the changes. The author cannot reproduce or use the modified outline(s) without written permission from Selica International Ltd.

Course Outlines and Training Provision
We will ask the Trainer, as the author of the course, in the first instance to provide the training. If the author cannot provide the course, you agree to one of Selica International Ltd Trainers providing the course.

No Third Parties Or Recruitment Agencies
We will not accept registrations from recruitment agencies or third parties working on behalf of the trainer. These registrations will be immediately removed for reasons of breaching Selica International Ltd's policies.

When undertaking a training assignment you must observe all health and safety rules and regulations and any other security requirements that apply at any premises of authorised service recipients and to notify Selica International Ltd as soon you are aware of any health and safety hazards or issues which arise in relation to the Service.

The Trainer (and any other parties introduced by the Client to Selica International Ltd representatives directly or indirectly) will not, under any circumstances, conduct any direct negotiations with Client representatives (or parties introduced by them directly or indirectly) in respect of this or any other planned work without prior approval in writing from Selica International Ltd. Any loss of actual or future business resulting from such negotiations will be charged to the Trainer. This clause does not exclude charging the Client according to the client Terms and Conditions.

Until twelve months after completion of the Training Event or termination of the agreement, whichever is the later, neither party (unless agreed otherwise in writing) will solicit the employment or services of any personnel of the other party who has been engaged in connection with the Agreement. 

Please note: The trainers’ terms and conditions may be updated from time to time and the Trainer will be notified about this via email. The Trainer will simply need to accept or decline the changes made.

trainers Terms and Conditions
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