Multilingual Business Training

Multilingual Business Training

We deliver our Business Training courses in the Language of your choice with our Multilingual Training Courses facilities 

Multilingual Training Courses

Business operations are rapidly evolving as companies interact with one another on a more global platform, trading products and services as well as importing labour from around the world, and so the demand for training in foreign as well as domestic business practises is ever increasing.

Transferable skills are always desirable and the request for trainers to deliver courses to multilingual audiences domestically and abroad is becoming more and more common. Although English is so widely used in today’s business world, there are no guarantees of the level of English the participants of the course converse in, and even very fluent speakers can benefit from the training material being delivered in their native languages to ensure every nuance and specialised terminology is accurately and concisely relayed by the trainer.

Standards of English may also vary widely depending on the group being trained; for example, lower level workers may not be as fluent as senior management and the barrier here is language rather than understanding or competence so it is important to ensure that participants are not deliberately allowed to struggle with course material that they would otherwise grasp quickly in their native language.

As well as the language barrier, there is also the aspect of cultural differences that should be taken into account. There are cultural references that may not be translatable and different cultures tend to communicate in different ways, so training methodology that works brilliantly for one audience might not be as well received by another.

Selica International for Innovation and Evolution Ltd can overcome this potential problematic situation and unnecessary barrier to development and growth by working with experienced and qualified multilingual trainers who are experts in their fields and able to communicate in both English and the requested native language, with organic knowledge of the domestic and target markets and cultural trends.

Training courses and all written material can also be made available in both languages to enable the group to fully grasp the material and implement their knowledge both domestically and overseas with confidence and ease.

Most of our Training courses are available in other language/s

Please Book a Course and we will deliver it in the language of your choice or contact us for more information

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