Breaking the language barrier.

All businesses exist and can operate within a global community with the only barrier being language. At Selica International for Innovation and Evolution, we specialise in breaking through this language barrier by offering a quick, accurate and cost-effective translation service.

We understand the importance of a clear, faithful and true translation and all documents are treated in the strictest confidence. 
Selica International for Innovation and Evolution Ltd is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, registered number ZA099133

We will only ever pass your document to qualified professionals who have experience of translating in your specific field and have up-to-date knowledge of all the relevant terminology, as well as cultural awareness. From translating legal documents for use in court or marketing material for a multinational corporation, we will ensure the project receives specialist attention from the best members of our team.

All of our translations are typeset and formatted before being independently proofread and quality-checked by experts. We also understand that translations are sometimes needed quickly so we are able to accommodate tight deadlines.

We have an international network of over than 3,000 translators and proofreaders covering over 250 different languages

We have vast experience of translating a wide range of documents across all industry sectors and we will match you with a qualified translator who has specialist expertise in your particular area. 
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These include:
• Legal and patent applications including notarising 
• Technical translations
• Commercial
• Medical and pharmaceutical
• Insurance and financial
• The public sector
• Engineering and Manufacturing
• Marketing, Sales and Promotional material
• Books and Novels
• We also translate personal documents for private individuals 


If you are looking to break into new international markets, it is vital your website and marketing material accurately convey your aims, ethos and brand identity.

Selica International Ltd localisation service will make sure your website and marketing material effectively spread your message to customers in your target country. 

We understand companies often spend a great deal of time and resources creating their website so it is essential it is accurately translated so it is understood in your new market.
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Technical experts with knowledge of your sector

We employ a specialist team of technical experts and you will be assigned to a translator who is not only fluent in your chosen language, but who also has a high level of cultural understanding and awareness as well as experience in your sector.

Once we have localised your website, piece of software or marketing material, it will read as if written in your target country. 

This will help raise your international profile and enable you to reach more customers. 

Don’t let your company’s message get lost in translation.

Audio/Visual Services

If you’re looking for something a bit different, Selica International Ltd offers high quality audio and visual translations at affordable prices.

Our London-based design studio uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to allow us to translate audio and visual material ranging from documentaries and short films to presentations and conversations. We carry out all this work in-house, allowing us to offer you extremely competitive rates.
Our audio translators can provide you with both text-to-speech and speech-to-text in any format you need, including CDs, MP3s and tapes. We only use translators with extensive experience of working in the necessary controlled conditions to provide a professional recording good enough to be used for any purpose. 
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Subtitles, dubbing and voiceovers

Selica International Ltd’s highly skilled visual translation team can work with any video footage from a short clip to a full-length film, providing you with subtitles, dubbing or voice-overs as required. 

Our experienced staff can also edit your footage with visual or audio effects to make sure the end result is a professional product you can feel proud of. 

If the recording or footage is related to a specialist field, we will select a translator with relevant experience and expertise to work on the project. All work will then be checked by expert linguists to ensure complete accuracy with no mistakes.

Our top priority is to keep our customers happy. We operate with integrity at all times and we work hard to make sure you are always 100% satisfied with the services we provide.
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