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Selica International for Innovation & Evolution Ltd is a provider of Translation ServicesBusiness Training, Consultancy and Tuition.

Our Translation services include written translation, transcription, subtitles, dubbing and voice-overs, localisation, proofreading and audio/visual services. 

We have 20 years of experience in this field that enables us to deliver a fast turn-around of accurate translations completed by a team of subject matter-specific translation professionals and we strive to accommodate any budget. 

Our Business Training and Consultancy services include Leadership and Management, Sales, IT, Statistics, and Finance. 
Our cost-effective business model allows us to offer training to small-size groups and one-to-one ensuring we provide the highest possible quality to help your business innovate.

Our Tuition services also cover small group classes to one-on-one tuition in all subjects at any level. 

Founded by a qualified teacher, Selica International can offer tailored and structured long-term or short-term support to assist any individual maximise their potential at an affordable rate. 

Established in 2001, we are currently headquartered in North London and our network of qualified teachers are based nationwide.

How can we help you?

With Translations:

• We can provide you with an unparalleled translation service between any language pairing using certified translators and proof-readers all of whom specialise in their chosen field.

• We offer typesetting and formatting services as standard with every translation, ensuring that any required DTP work is completed by a language professional to avoid any displacement of the text due to in-house reformatting. All of our work is rigorously checked before being sent back to you, guaranteeing the final version is linguistically exact and in accordance with your specific design brief.

• We can work to accommodate all deadlines and do not charge any additional fees for urgent requests; your translation project will be managed by a dedicated account manager from start to finish.

• We offer a quick and easy online quote service where we will quickly respond with a free, no obligation costing or simply book a translation directly using our website. 
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With Training and Consultancy:

• We offer a range of management, financial, statistics and IT training courses and consultancy. Everything you need to improve your skills and benefit you and your organisation.

• There is no need to wait for a course to become available as we can organise, bespoke to your business needs, training sessions as and when you require them, including one-to-one sessions.

• It is quick and easy to obtain a free, no obligation quote for any of our courses or simply book a training course or a consultancy online now. 

• You can discuss the subject area with the trainer or the consultant before the course or the consultancy.

• We can help you with your projects by offering ad-hoc as well as on-going training, consultancy and coaching.
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With Tuition:

• Our team of qualified teachers and tutors cover a wide range of subjects from Key Stage 1 to Adult Education and ESL courses.

• Every carefully selected tutor will create a bespoke learning plan for each student with tuition sessions and resources tailored to meet specific needs.

• Our tutors can deliver the sessions at your home, in their home or in one of our dedicated tuition centres.

• We also hold classes in schools and colleges local to you so please do contact us for further enquiries.

• It is quick and easy to obtain a free, no obligation quote for any of our tuition courses or simply book a tutor online now. 

• You can discuss your requirements with the tutor during the initial assessment session.

• We provide qualified teaching staff to schools and colleges at competitive rates.
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Why are we different?

• We are comprehensive, offering a full business improvement service from training and consultancy to facilitating effective communication via our bespoke translation service.

• We can deliver our training courses in the language of your choice.

• We make it easy for you to do business with us.

• Our processes are optimised and transparent.

• We are flexible and up-to-date, as our title clearly states; “innovation” applies to all our processes, business logic and systems which are constantly improved by our experts and devoted team. 

• We realise that the use of our services is not a luxury that our clients choose but an investment that they have carefully decided to endure for value added purposes.  

• We are able to select and combine our expertise to deliver exactly what our customers need.
To find out more, 
please contact us on 
Tel:- +44 (0) 208 443 3000
Tel/ Fax:- +44 (0) 208 804 1111
or Email us on info@selicaie.com
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