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Attention to detail during translation is paramount – subtle differences in word choices can completely change the meaning of sentences, which could severely impact on the quality and accuracy of your output.
At Selica International for Innovation and Evolution Ltd, we provide a range of proofreading services which check the accuracy of your texts when translated in-house or by another translation service.
This guarantees that every character, word, sentence and full stop is grammatically correct and stylistically sound, reflecting its original intended meaning, while being delivered to the highest quality and professional standards.
Our proofreaders
Our proof-readers are highly qualified, mother-tongue linguists who are familiar with the intricacies of your translation target languages and trained to spot errors which are not immediately obvious to the naked eye.
Our proof readers will not only spell and grammar check the translation, but also check the translation against the source text and edit and improve the translated text by choosing the most appropriate vocabulary and context available, in keeping with the original copy style. 
To ensure clarity of any edits made, our proof-readers use the “Tracked Changes” option in Microsoft Word, the comments and notes option in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel or they will provide a separate document detailing the necessary changes to be made. This allows you to review any amendments and provide any feedback to the original translators.
We can also provide a general report on the quality of the original translation, detailing reasons for the changes. 
Due to the quality of our editing services, many of our proofreading clients prefer to use us for their translation requirements too.
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