Summer Revision Courses

Summer Revision Courses

The GCSE and A level Summer Revision Courses

The purpose of the Summer School of Selica International Ltd Tuition services is to help those students who wish to improve their skills and knowledge base in GCSEs or A levels. In particular, the Summer School will be of use to those students who have just completed their GCSE and who wish to take up A levels in the following September. It would also be useful in providing an opportunity for students who have fallen behind in their education – for whatever reason –to catch up ahead of the new academic year.

In many subjects the jump between GCSE and A level can be demanding, such as in Mathematics and the Sciences. Accordingly, it makes good sense to get to grips with some of basic concepts so that when the A level programme commences one can hit the ground running and is a good way to build confidence in your chosen subjects before you officially start it.

Equally, if a student is taking up a new subject, such as Psychology, Economics, Government and Politics or Sociology, then it also makes sense to get some grounding in the key concepts.

The above also applies to those starting GCSEs in September and we also run a programme for those who may be concerned about their background in GCSE.
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